Sudip Roy is one of the few contemporary artists who skilfully synthesises classical cadmic tradition with contemporary, multi-cultural ideas, Sudip holds a deep love of Western old master studies, animation and science-fiction films that has helped him view the world as a variety of images from which he can express with total freedom.

Passing through these images is as if he is travelling in a time tunnel between the previous, the present and the next life or traversing between different worldly situations, his striking images of Man captivate the viewer with deep and exacting defined muscles and bone structures. Crafted in bronze and flesh tones, these figures convey a strong sense of exotic emotion.

In contrast, his monumental image appears to defy history with slim, streamlined forms that stand the testimony of time.Between the stretched limbs,and the idea of time a tenor these works are set against a dark background to invite the viewer into imagination.

Uma Nair
Art Critic