Portraits in the first year, to a deep interest in the techniques of wash-painting in the second, followed by a knack towards new-media in the third year; the final BVA display aspires to sum it up- all the art practices that I have  explored over the years in search of the image. 
With recent works, I have gone on to add typography and  to produce an image which at once is contemporary and reflective of the popular Indian visual culture, yet bearing the traditional pictorial essence. Even though it appears to be a serigraph, it is all watercolor processed with alternative print techniques, hence discovering a beautiful medium to bridge analog and digital.


Strange, Charming Sublime

This oeuvre borders on the  strange, the  charming, and sublime. Its language is based in familiar, even prosaic, grammar, but the vocabulary and syntax seem to come from the future, or another dimension; it preserves the structural grace of the modern  era, and the mix of natural materials and unnatural process triggers a millennial  fascination with things we can’t understand. It produces a powerful, uncanny effect, a complex psychoacoustic experience of having your perceptions constantly stimulated and challenged while also hearing a formally structured composition. It’s not uncommon to be amused or intrigued.